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My personal experience of creating this piece stemmed from a weeks long obsession with the song "Find the Cost of Freedom" by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. It presents the idea that ultimate freedom is found in letting go, to the point of death. Whether that death is literal or metaphorical is left to the listener to decide. I'm partial to the idea that growth is found in letting go of the old and moving on; like planting seeds from a tree that's died, sacrificing what's left of the past to start anew.

At the time, I found myself still unwilling to move on from the past. It brought me to the tipping point where letting go felt like giving up on something I love, and the gut reaction was to fight change. But there is a price paid in refusing to let go.


Printed in the same dimensions of the 18x24 original, "Cost of Freedom" is recreated on Artist Matte archival paper with a 110 year permanence rating. This print is signed, numbered, and hand embellished with gold foil.

Cost of Freedom

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Pre-order is available until the end of July 2024. After preorder has closed, a limited number will remain available.