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This tattoo ticket grants permission for one of my existing artworks to be adapted or recreated as a tattoo. I am incredibly honored to have my work become a part of your life!

Most tattoo artists insist upon receiving approval for the use of other artists' work, and this is a quick and easy way to provide that and ensure credit is given to the art source.

By purchasing this ticket, you receive non-exclusive rights to a single pre-existing artwork for one-time use.

After purchase, you will receive a downloadable PDF granting written permission to use my work for a tattoo.

You are welcome to show your tattoo artist images on either my website or my Instagram page and I'm happy to provide a more high resolution image upon request.

Acceptable artworks can be found here on my website or my Instagram page. I do not allow use of commissioned work. Please contact me if you are unsure as to whether the illustration you'd like is okay to use or not.

After your tattoo is complete, I’d love to see it! Feel free to send me a picture of the finished piece, or tag me if you post an image of it on social media.


By purchasing this listing you acknowledge that:
Ownership and copyright of the illustration remain with me.
This listing grants only the right to tattoo one of my illustrations.

It does not grant the right to use my art for anything other than the tattoo.

Tattoo Ticket

Sales Tax Included